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One Day Left for the GOP to Come to Its Senses

During this crisis, I’ve had hope that they would figure something out before the Government runs out of cash on October 17. I didn’t know where it would come from, but I had hope. Sadly, though, House Speaker John Boehner … Continue reading

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Shutdown Crisis Shows We’ve Lost Some of Our Exceptionalism

NPR had an article today asking Would The U.S. Be Better Off With A Parliament? They brushed away the suggestion that it would ever be possible, but I wonder if such a change is inevitable given the way our parties … Continue reading

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Let’s Put the Shoe on the Other Foot

I’m gobsmacked seeing people online defending the Republican Party’s tactics in this shutdown crisis. People are actually defending the GOP for pushing the country to a government shutdown and risking the first default in the history of our economy. They … Continue reading

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The GOP Doesn’t Want My Vote? Fine

I wonder how many ways the GOP has made it clear they never want my vote. Taking the government hostage isn’t the first (there has been the rejection of biological science, the rejection of climate science, the rejection of the … Continue reading

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