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Father of two boys, Angular/TypeScript developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.

Transposing Rows and Columns in ag-grid

Real-world Angular applications often need to present tabular/grid data, and most grids make the most sense when presented with each column representing a certain type of data. However, we sometimes need to show data in a transposed format, where the … Continue reading

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Writing a Generic Type-Safe ng-bootstrap NgbModal Launcher

I just published my first post on the blog for Oasis Digital, the company where I’ve worked since September 2017: Writing a Generic Type-Safe ng-bootstrap NgbModal Launcher. I describe how I used TypeScript and Angular types to implement a type-safe … Continue reading

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Beyond Tour of Heroes Talk

I gave a talk last week at Angular Lunch, an Angular user group in St. Louis sponsored by Oasis Digital (with whom I will be starting work as a developer and trainer after Labor Day). In the talk, I start … Continue reading

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Using enums to reduce boilerplate in ngrx

Love ngrx but wish there wasn’t so much boilerplate? I’ve released an example of an alternate implementation using enums to reduce code and add fuller typing. Continue reading

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ts-enums: Bringing Java-style enums to TypeScript

I’m happy to announce that I’ve released ts-enums, and open-source library to bring Java-style enums to TypeScript. Continue reading

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Comparison of Angular 2 and React

As part of my employer’s Software Engineering Tech Trends series, I have collaborated with a colleague, Mark Volkmann, to write an article on Comparison of Angular 2 and React. In the article, we started with a small ToDo app that … Continue reading

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Opening Words at the Ethical Society on Skepticism and SkeptiCamp

My #atheism tells you what I don't believe. My #skepticism tells you why. My #humanism tells you most important thing- how I treat people. — ajackson (@antitheistangie) March 8, 2012 That’s a quote from a blogger named Angie Jackson, and … Continue reading

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“Atheists in America” by Dr. Melanie Brewster

Atheists in America by Melanie E. Brewster Dr. Brewster’s book is an interesting collection of “testimonies” from non-believers of all walks of life in America. This book isn’t essential reading for an atheist or seeker to understand the relevant philosophical … Continue reading

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新年快乐 – Happy New Year! We spent the afternoon on Saturday celebrating the Chinese New Year. It was a great afternoon of a dragon dance, songs, and dancing. This isn’t something that’s part of my heritage or my wife’s heritage, … Continue reading

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Good Cheer

Ethical Culture is a bit of an odd duck. It’s a non-theistic religion, or as I like to say, “the religion for people who don’t like religion.” The movement’s founder, Felix Adler, said that it is “religious to those who … Continue reading

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