The GOP Doesn’t Want My Vote? Fine

I wonder how many ways the GOP has made it clear they never want my vote. Taking the government hostage isn’t the first (there has been the rejection of biological science, the rejection of climate science, the rejection of the separation of Church and State, the rejection of the rights of women, the rejection of the rights of minorities to vote, etc.), but this current behavior by the GOP may just be the worst.

Making it worse #1:
The tactical goal of the hostage-taking is to achieve a political goal that could not be achieved through the democratic, constitutional process. They want to tear apart a law that was legally enacted by the President and by the majority of both houses of Congress, that was validated as Constitutional by the Supreme Court, and that was validated by the electorate. The electorate returned that President to the White House, kept the Senate in the control of the party that enacted the law, and even voted more for that party in the House (though gerrymandering subverted that).

In other words, the tactical goal is to say “We don’t care that our view is the minority. We don’t care that the law was legally passed and found constitutional. We don’t care that the President, the majority of the Senate, and the majority of the House don’t like this*. We don’t care about any of that – we just know that everyone else is going to be responsible enough not to let Armageddon happen, so we are taking advantage of that to try to use non-Constitutional means to enact our rejected agenda.”

In short, the GOP has given itself over to a wing that wants to destroy our Constitutional system.

Making it worse #2:
The political goal behind all of this? Preventing people from getting health care. Making sure that people will be bankrupted by illness. Making sure that Americans will die.

Fuck that.

Obamacare isn’t Socialism – if the Socialists had their way, we would have a Single Provider system, like the UK or the VA. If the Socialists got their first compromise position, we would have a Single Payer system, like Canada or Medicare. If the Socialists got their final compromise position, we would have a Public Option. We have none of that. What we have is a system (originally supported by the right wing before Obama got associated with it) where the cost of insurance is kept down by ensuring that all Americans participate in buying private insurance (which take some subsidies to help the most needy).

That’s it. It’s not a full Government takeover of Healthcare – it’s the government doing everything possible to get as many Americans as possible into the existing private insurance program.

It’s a good thing.

And to stop this, the GOP is willing to destroy lives, careers, many science experiments, public health, Iranian sanctions, and might soon even try to destroy the economy. They are willing to destroy the constitutional system in which policies are enacted by majority or by compromises amongst those that the people elected. They are trying to replace that with a system in which the most reckless and heartless 10% of one chamber get whatever they want.

The GOP as it has become today has shown that it has no interest in our constitutional democratic political system. It has no interest in the welfare of the American people. It has no interest in being responsible for the society it claims to represent. It has no respect for the votes of people who are not white, old, wealthy, rural, and Evangelical Christian.

The GOP doesn’t care about my vote, and they’ve made sure that they won’t get it for a long, long time.

*Yes, even the House – if you could combine the Democrats with the moderate Republicans in the absence of the non-rule “Hastert Rule”, a clean budget would probably pass.

About Lance Finney

Father of two boys, Angular/TypeScript developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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