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A dollar here, a dollar there, pretty soon it adds up to real money

We’re starting Douglas on an allowance. Jenny looked at a lot of advice online before we decided what to do, and I think we’re happy with this approach. We’re hoping that he’ll learn about saving, the value of delayed gratification, … Continue reading

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I don’t even know him anymore

After we saw Toy Story 3, Douglas was so excited about it that he decided he was Buzz Lightyear. I wasn’t too surprised; such association seems normal, and I assumed it would pass. It’s now been months, and not only … Continue reading

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Hello, Wally and Eddy

The family just grew a bit:

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New Blog Home

Welcome to my new blog home. I have moved my blog. The old location was I’ve copied over the old posts and comments to this new blog. The reason I made the change is that I was having major … Continue reading

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