Douglas Edwin, One Year Old, How do you like the world so far?

Happy at a ball game

Happy at a ball game

Happy Birthday to our beautiful son!  It’s amazing that it was just a year ago that we were in the hospital meeting the new guy and nervously preparing for him to undergo major open-heart surgery to correct his TGV.

Now, everything is going amazingly well.  If you didn’t know his history or see his chest scar, you would have no idea that he had such a traumatic start.  At his annual cardiologist visit last month, they said that everything looks and sounds great, and that we don’t even have to come back in for another year!  The surgeries seem to have gone perfectly.  Thanks so much to Drs. Huddleston, Ghandi, Ludomirsky, Foerester, and all the other doctors and nurses at St. Louis Children’s Hospital; you did a great job.

Outside of the medical issues, our little baby is really growing into a toddler.  Within the last week, he has taken his first few unassisted steps (he’s been cruising while holding on to things for a while), has started saying his first words (“Hi”, “Yes”, and maybe “Kitty”), and has started using baby signs.  He’s a big flirt, and he loves eating big-people food from our plates.  It’s really a fun time.

We’ve posted videos and pictures of Douglas online, so you can really see how much he’s grown and changed.

Douglas Edwin, one year old
What a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky boy you are.


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One Response to Douglas Edwin, One Year Old, How do you like the world so far?

  1. Ann Martin says:

    Hi – I actually came across you blog from google. Sebastian from the Surgery Saved my Life episode on transposition of the great arteries is my son. His birthday is 8/19/06. It is amazing how close their birthdays are to have the same condition. Goes to show how common heart defects really are. Your son is such a doll!!! I wish him a continued wonderful prognosis. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to talk.

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