Singapore Loves a Baby

We’re near the end of our second day in Singapore, and we really like the city.  Lots of guidebooks we read said that Singapore is a good first city in Asia to visit because it’s clean, English-speaking, and efficient.  We’re definitely finding that to be true.  There’s a lot of culture here that’s new to us, but also an air-conditioned, efficient subway system with computerized fare system and TVs in the train cars.  In addition, there is a large Indian population/neighborhood (where we are staying) and a large Chinese population/neighborhood (where we spent the day).  In a way, it’s like an introduction to all of Asia with a comfortable sheen of Britain atop it.

In our first two days here, we’ve visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens, took a downtown river cruise, and spent lots of time in Little India and China Town.  We’ve had an expensive nouveau-Asian meal in an air-conditioned restaurant in the Botanic Gardens surrounded by only white tourists and expats, had a tasty cheap vegetarian Biryani meal surrounded by local Indians and few tourists, and a fantastic Dim Sum brunch where 99% of the patrons were local Chinese.  Quite a variety.

And everyone loves Douglas.  As we ride the subway and walk through the streets, it seems that everyone turns to smile at the cute little boy on his daddy’s back.  Perhaps it’s because of the child focus of the culture, perhaps it’s just because he’s so cute, perhaps it’s the rareness of tourists from Europe or America bringing babies here, but we get a lot of positive attention here.  We’ve struck up many conversations with locals because of him, and so far he loves the city as much as it loves him.

BTW, pictures of the trip are available at  The connection here at the hotel is a little odd, so I can’t post pictures with the blog posts from here.  I hope it’ll be better at the next place.

Also, the flights over went fine.  We had bulkhead for both of our long flights, so we had plenty of room to hold Douglas and let him try different positions when he got cranky.  We were tired when we got to Singapre (I’d been up for 26 hours without sleep), but it worked surprisingly well.

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Father of two boys, Angular/TypeScript developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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  1. Mario says:


    I had a look at the pictures in Singapore. My favorite so far is of the sign that says, “I’m OK, You’re OK, Together Singapore’s OK”. It’s got a Dr. Strangelove “It’s good to be fine” feel to it.

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