Discovery Channel Show About the Type of Surgery Douglas Had

On Thursday, December 21, the Discovery Channel’s show Surgery Saved My Life will have an episode called Train-Wreck Heart.  Here’s the description from the show’s website:

Allison Lowery was born with a heart her doctors call a train wreck. It was on the wrong side of her body, it was backward and it had a hole in it. The main arteries leading to her heart were reversed – a deadly condition that deprives the body of oxygen-rich blood. She had three surgeries by the time she was 10, including one that nearly killed her. Not only did Allison survive, she became a track star, jumping high hurtles for her school team, outside Little Rock, Ark. Now, just two months before her 17th birthday, Allison is due for a valve replacement. It’s normally a routine operation, but with a heart like Allison’s, nothing is routine. Scar tissue from previous operations has caused her heart was to become stuck to her sternum. Dr. Robert Jaquiss will have to cut Allison open without fatally wounding her heart muscle. Then, to pull off this delicate operation, Dr. Jaquiss will have to turn on its head everything he knows about the human heart.

A few weeks later, in a suburban Texas hospital, Tracy and Ann Martin welcome their newborn son, Sebastian, into the world. What should have been the happiest day of their life becomes their worst nightmare. As with Allison’s, the main arteries to Sebastian’s heart were transposed.

Without immediate surgery, Sebastian will die. Just five days into the newborn’s young life, surgeon Charles Fraser will cut open his tiny heart and perform a six-hour surgery to switch vital arteries that are only the size of sewing needles. As Tracy and Anne Martin face the perils of raising a child with a congenital heart defect, we see them take hope from a survivor like Allison, who never lets her heart stop her from living her life.
Premiere: Thursday, Dec. 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

We haven’t seen the show, but it sounds like Sebastian’s story might be nearly identical to Douglas’s (Allison’s condition sounds more complicated).  We will definitely be watching it, and you might want to watch it, too, if you have cable and want to learn more about Douglas’s condition and surgery.

By the way, Douglas is doing great.  Coming up on his four-month birthday, he’s completely healthy and happy.  He has discovered he has feet 🙂


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