We’re Headed Home

They’ve given us clearance to go home!  It seems that the only thing we’re waiting for is a machine to give him a bit of supplemental oxygen when we get home.  Being a Sunday, it’ll take a little longer to get everything together, but it shouldn’t be long.

Douglas Finney will see his home when he’s 11 days old.

Since my last update, things have gone well.  He hasn’t had any more SVT events (well, a couple spikes that lasted only a couple seconds, so the doctors aren’t worried about them).  The biggest challenge has been figuring out how much he wanted to eat.  The doctors wanted him taking 90 mL every 3 hours, but he wasn’t taking it.  We ended up having to give him most of it through his feeding tube, and then he wasn’t hungry the next time.  We finally got the doctors to let us try demand feeding – letting Douglas tell us when he’s hungry and how much he wants.  That worked much better.  He’s not eating quite as much or quite as often as they had scheduled him to be, but he’s eagerly eating now when we start with him, and he’s taking a lot more by mouth.

We’re going home with more than the typical baby gets.  He has a feeding tube in his nose in case he has trouble eating, and they’ve taught us how to use it.  He will have an oxygen enrichment machine for use at home and a portable tank for the road.  He’s going to have a couple different medications that we give by mouth daily, but it’s no big deal.  So, there’s more than a perfectly healthy baby has, but it’s really nothing when you consider that he had major open-heart surgery less than ten days ago.

We’re taking him home!

About Lance Finney

Father of two boys, Angular/TypeScript developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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