Picture of the TGV Defect

On her blog, Jenny has the following image we got from the echocardiogram last week:

Image of the TGV defect

Image of the TGV defect

Here’s her description of how we got the image, and what the image means.

The heart ultrasound machines don’t have printers like the regular ultrasounds, but we asked them to make us a CD. We have lots of videos of the heart actually moving, but I can’t display that here. This picture gives a good indication of how you can tell he has transposition of the great vessels (although I don’t have a normal shot as a comparison). Normally, when the aorta and pulmonary artery leave the ventricles, they cross over each other. But in this case, since they are transposed, they run parallel to one another.

Jenny’s blog has a lot more pictures of both her and the baby, and it has her pregnancy journal.  It’s password-protected, so email either of us if you want to access it.


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