Back in the Swing of Things

We got back to Hamburg on Sunday after an interesting trip to the United States.  This week has been pretty slow, full of rain, class, progamming, and fixing a bike.

The trip was really three trips in one: four days in Montana with my Dad’s extended family scattering my Grandmother’s ashes and cleaning up my Grandparents’ house, five days in St. Louis seeing friends and paying bills, and three days in Chicago attending Jenny’s brother’s wedding.  Jenny had to stay in Hamburg an additional week for work, so she didn’t make it to Montana or spend as much times as I did in St. Louis, but the wedding was a wonderful chance for us to spend time together and with her extended family.

Anyway, they were two exhausting weeks filled with family and taking care of lots of things that have fallen by the wayside as we’ve been in Germany.

Skalkaho Falls

At Skalkaho Falls, Montana, with my sister and her family.

Upon returning, fixing the bike was the the first priority (after overcoming jet lag).  While I was in Montana, Jenny went bike riding with a friend, and the friend borrowed the bike for a ride down to the Fish Market.  Unfortunately, this happened:

Rear Tire

Rear Tire

The broken bike

The broken bike

It’s actually not as bad as it looks (or as the look on Jenny’s face makes it seem).  Our friend had ridden over some glass, and the punctured tube slipped out of the tire and wrapped around the brake.  It looked awful, but I just had to extract the old tube and replace it with a new tube.  Unfortunately, I had to ride Jenny’s girl-bike for a couple days until I got the right supplies.  I hope I didn’t get laughed at too much.

Our next event is hosting a party tomorrow night for my classmates and teachers from my German language course.  It should be pretty interesting, but it might be very boring.  It’ll be the first time we all meet outside class, so I fear that we’ll end up with the English-speakers in one corner, the Portugese-speakers in another, the Spanish-speakers in another, and the spouses looking bored.  Of course, my Latino classmates were disappointed to hear that it will be a wine, food, and conversation party instead of a dance party (we don’t even have a stereo).  I think it’ll work out fine, anyway.

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Father of two boys, Angular/TypeScript developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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