1000 miles, 4 countries, 1 weekend

Jenny and I had quite a weekend.  We drove over much of the northern half of West Germany, exhausting ourselves while enjoying beautiful valleys, ancient Roman cities, good food, and (of course) wine.  We also spent a night in Luxembourg, drove through a bit of eastern Belgium, and skipped briefly over to the Netherlands.

Route Map to Luxembourg and Mosel

Route Map

I plan to write a few different blog posts over the next few days to cover the trip and share some pictures.  In the meantime, I’ll mention some highlights:

  • seeing the ancient and historic cities Aachen, Luxembourg, and Trier
  • finally getting back to the Mosel River valley, which I had seen briefly and accidentally in 1997 and had long wanted to revisit
  • hitting high speeds on the Autobahn
  • frequently experiencing the odd sensation of changing the foreign language necessary to read the local signs, sometimes without crossing any discernible border

So, I’ll talk about this all more later, but now I need to get some sleep.

About Lance Finney

Father of two boys, Angular/TypeScript developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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