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Ich bin ein Schüler

I started my German classes today.  After three hours of German language a day, five days a week, for four months, I should be able to speak the language pretty well.  I definitely have a long way to go.  I … Continue reading

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Today we visited the small city of Stade.  Stade has a long history as a merchant city, but I’d never heard of it until Jenny looked for day trips in Lonely Planet.  We didn’t spend much time there, but it … Continue reading

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Two Wheels

We just returned from our second bike ride of the day.  It’s really nice to get out and get exercise on a bike. I think I’ll ride a lot here – probably to my German class during the week and … Continue reading

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Shopping Day

We spent much of the day out and about shopping for everything from a printer to pot holders to bicycles.  The bicycles have the potential to be the most useful purchase of the day, because we plan to use them … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Today is supposed to be a day of bad luck, but things have gone pretty well for me so far.  The biggest event of the day shouldn’t ever have been necessary: I got all my luggage. My American Airlines flight … Continue reading

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I’ve Arrived

I got into Hamburg a few hours ago.  The trip over was mostly uneventful, but the first two legs of the three-leg flight were each delayed.  Unfortunately, that meant that my checked baggage didn’t get to my last plane in … Continue reading

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What’s your Political Typology?

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press has updated their “Political Typology,” their “effort to sort voters into homogeneous groups based on their values, political beliefs and party affiliation.” They aim to look deeper than the typical … Continue reading

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Moving to Europe

In five hours, I’ll leave on a flight to Europe.  I won’t be back for quite a while.  In fact, I’m actually moving to Europe this time. Jenny moved to Hamburg, Germany a couple weeks ago, and I’m leaving today … Continue reading

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