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Silent Thread Death with JNI

In the application I’m writing for work, we use a third-party application that has a Java API wrapping native code (using JNI).  Under certain circumstances, one of the methods in the third-party application has a problem.  However, it doesn’t throw … Continue reading

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AB and GM Foods

Anheuser-Busch is threatening not to use any rice from my home state of Missouri in their beer if Missouri allows genetically-modified medicinal crops to be grown in the state.  My initial thought about this threat is that it’s probably misplaced.  … Continue reading

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New York Times on a St. Louis Roll

The New York Times has another good article about St. Louis.  It’s interesting, because it links St. Louis’s resurgence with sexual politics.  As the article rightly notes, the resurgence of many residential neighborhoods in St. Louis is led by homosexual … Continue reading

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