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Downtown St. Louis on the way back up

I’m a big supporter of city living as opposed to suburban life.  In St. Louis, where I live, the differences between the city and the county and beyond are huge, culturally and economically.  Fortunately, downtown is starting to comeback.  The … Continue reading

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Where are the Conservatives?

The Terri Schiavo has exploded into public consciousness in the last few days, as her parents’ state appeals were exhausted and Federal Government stepped into the controversy.  The debate is essentially a question of whether “life” is more important than … Continue reading

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Addicted to Hate

In about 1995, I went to Topeka, Kansas for an exhibition on Russian Imperial artwork.  While there, I was surprised to see people picketing the art exhibit with signs like “God Hates Fags” and “Fag = Death”.  I didn’t understand … Continue reading

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Intro to JGoodies Forms

As part of my employer’s Java News Brief series, I have written an article on an Intro to JGoodies Forms. In the article, I primarily compare Forms and FormLayout to GridBagLayout, showing many of the strengths of JGoodies Forms.  I … Continue reading

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