Match Your Candidate

Having trouble deciding how vote in this presidential election? AOL has a site that might help you out. President Match asks a series of questions about the issues with answers from strongly oppose to strongly agree. Then, one indicates how much each category matters. In the end, it produces a percentage match for Kerry and Bush.

The are some questions that are a bit annoying, though. For example, it asks whether one approves of the No Child Left Behind Act. What if one agrees with the theory of the bill but not its implementation?

Also, you might want to run the test a couple times. A few weeks ago, I matched 68% to Kerry and 29% to Bush. This morning, I matched 80% to Kerry and 8% to Bush. I guess I’m feeling a bit more Liberal this morning, but my preference for Kerry is clear.


About Lance Finney

Father of two boys, Java developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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