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Really cool map site

I found World66, a fun travel site with some interesting free services.  The services I really like are free dynampic maps of all the countries/state/provinces I’ve been to in the World, Europe, the USA, or Canada.  I have included the … Continue reading

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Funny, yet illegal, site about someone’s imagined life

I will never leave our digital camera card in a taxi.  Someone at Vanderbilt left a digital card in a taxi in New York, and the finder has decided to post every single one of the 227 pictures on the … Continue reading

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Java Code Coverage Tools Evaluation

Over the past week, I’ve been evaluating various test Code Coverage tools for our Java application.  We have a large Java project with about 1500 production classes and 550 test classes.  My goal was to find a tool that integrates … Continue reading

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Beslan – Russia’s Reichstag?

Feb 27, 1933, a fire started in the German parliament building, the Reichstag. The next day, Adolf Hitler, a quasi-democratically-elected national leader, convinced the nation to declare martial law and give him dictatorial powers. Sep 1, 2004, a group of … Continue reading

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Eugene got published

My friend and common traveling companion Eugene Day, who appears in many of the pictures on this site, was published last week.  He wrote a letter to the editors of the International Herald Tribune, and his letter got in.  He’s … Continue reading

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…and they say Bush talks funny

I was saddened and angered today to receive a bit of intra-office political spam today.  One of my co-workers, L, forwarded an email ripping Kerry.  I wasn’t surprised by that part; L often sends emails directly from the RNC to … Continue reading

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