GUI Testing and Acceptance Testing Tools

After a recent difficult release cycle, my boss has asked me to find some GUI Testing tools and Acceptance Testing tools to reduce the chances of late bugs in our next cycle.  Does anyone has any particular favorites for these categories?  I found TRIJUG’s analysis of TestingGUIs, and I think it’s a great help.  Does anyone have more experience that could help us decide?  Is there a similar site for Acceptance Testing tools?


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6 Responses to GUI Testing and Acceptance Testing Tools

  1. There’s no better solution to this than a dedicated QA staff. 1 person doing testing full time can come up with most bugs easily. It also depends on the frequency of build.

  2. I’ve been playing around with unit testing my gui and trying to do some TDD with it. I’ve ended up with a pattern for panels which receives a controller and a componentFactory, which can then be mocked, and hence panels can be tested relatively easily. Check out: for more info.

  3. Dui nEwBaH says:

    Try evaluating

    It’s a little expensive (I don’t know the size of your project, etc.) but it’s a veeeery nice GUI auto-testing tool. Pretty straight foward, good documentation, good maintanability and good support.

  4. KD says:

    I strongly suggest marathon ( if the application is form-based (lots of dialogs etc.). I suggest it anyway being a developer on that project 😉

  5. lmfinney says:

    I wish we could get our company to spring for a dedicate QA staff, but that’s a fight we just haven’t won yet.

    So far, we’ve evaluated Abbot’s Costello and MarathonMan for our project. Costello seemed to have a few problems for us, from trouble specifying the classpath from Ant to trouble using it to test our application from WebStart. We’ve had more success with MarathonMan, but we’re still spiking it through. Also, one of my co-workers has started investigating qftest, and he liked what he saw initially.

  6. KD says:

    Please post your evaluation results. It might help us in improving marathon. TIA

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