Tuesday General Session at JavaOne

Scott McNealy did a pretty good job this morning.  Strngely, he
complained about CEO pay, as though he were making no money compared to
those in the conference hall.  Now, I know that developers make a
lot of money compared to the national mean, but I really doubt that he
got much sympathy from the crowd.

One of the interesting parts of the presentation was an announcement from Infinium Labs
Thy revealed their new Phantom Gaming system, a new competitor to Sega,
PS2, Xbox, etc (in fact, the CEO was part of the initial XBox
team).  The system is built wholy on Java.  They will give
away the hardware, making their money on a two-year service
contract.  Jonathan Schwartz mentioned the same kind of model for
automobiles whle presenting with Siemens yesterday; he claimed that
automakers would give away cars for free if they could charge users
$220/month for entertainment, information, and other OnStar-like
services.  There seems to be a big move to the “free hardware”
movement, which is a bit surprising at a conference thrown by a
hardware company.

Scott ended his presentation with three rants he called “Where’s the Outrage”. 

  1. Stock Options.  He urged us to lobby our legislators to
    “save stock options”.  I know I’m not the expert on stock options,
    but my sense is that stock options should be expensed because they can
    turn out to be a huge expense, but I don’t know how the accounting
    should work.
  2. Viruses.  He called all the worms, etc. out there “Microsoft
    Viruses,” and he claimed that no one has ever written a Java
    virus.  I guess he’s right, but it’s reall apples and oranges.
  3. Open Sourcing Java.  He ridiculed the open letter
    sent by Rod Smith of IBM urging Sun to open source Java.  Scott
    claimed that Sun has opned more code than anyone, even before releasing
    Java 3D and Project Looking Glass, and that IBM should release their IP
    before calling on Sun to do more.

All in all, a good speech.  Not as much MS-bashing as I expected, but informative.


About Lance Finney

Father of two boys, Java developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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