Social time at JavaOne

Sunday night, I got in around 7 and met up with my co-worker, Scott Delap
I got signed in, and headed over for a free beer at Moscone. 
There we met a couple guys from ExpressScripts in St. Louis, Mike and Andrew.  We went to Jillian’s, where the infamous Guinness float
came out again.  You might not think that ice cream in beer is a
good idea, but it works really well in a think beer like
Guinness.  Stir the ice cream in, and you have a nice dessert.

Last night, after the sessions, I went to the Thirsty Bear to meet up with the Java Blogs
people.  I had signed up with Java Blogs only yesterday, so I
didn’t really know anyone, but it was good to meet new people. 
One of those was Jonathan Schwartz, the President and COO of Sun. 
He started his blog last night, despite concerns he expressed about the possible legal ramifications
I met him briefly, crashing his circle of Sun employees, but he seemed
to have a nervous enthusiasm about joining the blogging world.

Then, I met up with my friend Rich Unger, whose presentation I reviewed yesterday, and a couple of my co-workers.  Since Rich lives in the bay area, he led us to Steps of Rome,
a great little Italian restaurant in North Beach.  The food was
great, and the recommended Coppolla Sirah was high-quality.  I
highly recommend that restaurant for other attendees here.

Then I returned to the Thirsty Bear to see Scott Delap and the bloggers again.  It was nice to talk to Sam Dalton and Simon Brown from JavaBlogs.  I was surprised that Simon recognized my name, but it was due to the success I had at the Cattle Drive on JavaRanch, where Simon is a moderator, not because of anything I’ve said so far on this nascent blog.

More fun tonight, possibly including Fahrenheit 911.

About Lance Finney

Father of two boys, Java developer, Ethical Humanist, and world traveler (when I can sneak it in). Contributor to Grounded Parents.
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