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Wednesday JavaOne sessions – mostly Desktop

I’ve spent most of the day in room 135, the Desktop room.  There’s been a lot of good stuff here, but there aren’t any outlets to make sure my old Dell can stay online.  Actually, there is one outlet, but … Continue reading

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Tuesday BOFs – Swing Data-Binding and Testing Large Heterogeneous Projects

At 7:30, I attended Karsten Lentzsch’s JavaTM Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing) Technology Data-Binding Techniques.  Kartsen knows Swing probably as well as anyone here, and he’s spent a lot of time thinking about Swing in all areas, from how to create cross-platform … Continue reading

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Tuesday Sessions – JDNC and Groovy

Today I went to High-Performance XML Processing: Techniques & Tips With the JavaTM API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.3, Desktop Application Architecture II: Using Threads Correctly and Effectively, JDesktop Network Components (JDNC): Simplifying JavaTM Desktop Client Construction, Deploying Rich Client … Continue reading

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Tuesday General Session at JavaOne

Scott McNealy did a pretty good job this morning.  Strngely, he complained about CEO pay, as though he were making no money compared to those in the conference hall.  Now, I know that developers make a lot of money compared … Continue reading

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Social time at JavaOne

Sunday night, I got in around 7 and met up with my co-worker, Scott Delap.  I got signed in, and headed over for a free beer at Moscone.  There we met a couple guys from ExpressScripts in St. Louis, Mike … Continue reading

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Technical Sessions on Monday

At 2:15, I went to Fast Track to the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SETM) v1.5.  I was really looking forward to the session for tips and tricks in getting my application to work in Tiger/1.5/5.0.  That wasn’t really what … Continue reading

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JavaOne first day keynotes

Jonathan Schwartz’s keynote was a nice pretty presentation, but there wasn’t much new.  Like last year, he talked a lot about the amazing number of Java developers, the amazing number of Java installations, and the amazing number of ringtones.  Studio … Continue reading

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Phish Alpine Valley 6-25-2004

I took a day off work Friday to drive up to Alpine Valley, Wisconsin to see my last Phish concert.  Since 1994, I’ve been lucky to see eleven shows, and this one show would be my last before the band … Continue reading

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler

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Election Projections – a fun way to waste time

A lot of websites have joined the fun of predicting the 2004 presidential elections based on current state and national poll results, 2000 election results, and whatever else is determined relevant.  Some use simple polls, and some use complex formulas.  … Continue reading

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